In The Cage With Musk Vs Zuckerberg!


In The Cage With Musk Vs Zuckerberg!

The Battle of Tech Titans: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg - Who Would Prevail in a Cage Fight?

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Who would win a fight between Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg? It’s the sort of question that might be asked over a drink in the pub. But a clash between the two world’s tech tycoons may no longer be hypothetical after Mr. Zuckerberg apparently agreed to a cage fight with Mr. Musk.

When rumors emerged earlier this month that the Facebook boss – a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast – was looking for a rival, the Space X and Tesla founder tweeted that he was “up for a cage match”. Mr. Zuckerberg then posted a screenshot of the tweet with the caption “send me location”.

Now that a fight appears on the cards, how would the two men match up inside the ring?

Physical Attributes: Height and Weight

At more than 6ft tall, Mr. Musk would have a clear reach advantage over Mr. Zuckerberg, who measures up at 5ft 8in. His height also means he would also have a significant weight advantage over his opponent.

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Jiu Jitsu Skills vs. Martial Arts and Endurance

However, Mr. Zuckerberg’s Jiu Jitsu skills – he recently won his first gold and silver medals at a Silicon Valley tournament – would undoubtedly enable him to get out of a few sticky situations on the canvas. On the other hand, Mr. Musk joked he had a “great move” to show off, noting that his workout regime consists mostly of spending time with his children. Although Mr. Musk admitted that he almost never works out, his unconventional approach to fighting may surprise his opponent.

Workout Routines and Fitness Levels

Mr. Zuckerberg says he used to “run a lot” and got into surfing and then MMA after the Covid pandemic. He has shown a passion for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and believes it to be the best sport due to its intensity and demand for constant attention.

In addition to his martial arts skills, Mr. Zuckerberg has participated in extreme fitness challenges such as the “Murph Challenge,” which involves rigorous exercises and endurance. These challenges and his commitment to fitness demonstrate his substantial ability and endurance.

Expert Opinions from Total Shape

According to health and fitness platform Total Shape, Mr. Zuckerberg’s ability to complete extreme fitness challenges and showcase mixed martial arts technique indicates that he has substantial ability and endurance. When it comes down to who would win in a fight, Total Shape experts state that “it is agility vs strength.” Based on general endurance and skill for cage fighting, Mark Zuckerberg would have the upper hand. However, having strength and a longer reach can give a fighter a lead when it comes to forceful striking and make it more difficult for the opponent to strike back.

Agility vs. Strength: Who Would Prevail?

Ultimately, the potential face-off between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg brings together agility and endurance against strength and reach. While Mark Zuckerberg’s technical ability, agility, and endurance could give him an advantage, Elon Musk’s height, weight, and unorthodox fighting style might surprise his opponent. The outcome of the fight would depend on how well each of them capitalizes on their strengths and exploits their opponent’s weaknesses.

Rumors of Zuckerberg’s New App

The potential fight comes amid rumors that Mr. Zuckerberg is preparing to create a new app to rival Twitter. The app, expected to be called Threads, will feature a continuous scroll of text, buttons similar to Twitter’s like and retweet functions, and a 500-character limit on posts. These developments indicate that Mr. Zuckerberg is actively expanding his technological empire beyond social media.

Musk’s Previous Challenges

It is not the first time Mr. Musk has called for a fight with a global figure. In August last year, he challenged the Russian president to a scrap, offering Ukraine as the prize. While Putin did not respond to the challenge, it sparked both intrigue and irony among global observers.


In conclusion, the hypothetical fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has captured the public’s attention. While Mr. Musk has the advantage in terms of height and weight, Mr. Zuckerberg’s Jiu Jitsu skills and endurance could level the playing field. Ultimately, it is a battle between agility and endurance against strength and reach. Only time will tell if this fight will actually take place, but the idea of two tech titans competing in the ring certainly sparks excitement and speculation.


1. Has the fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg been confirmed? At the time of writing, the fight has not been confirmed. The idea was sparked by rumors and tweets exchanged between the two tech titans.

2. What are Mark Zuckerberg’s martial arts skills? Mark Zuckerberg has recently won gold and silver medals in Jiu Jitsu at a Silicon Valley tournament. He has also shown interest in MMA and participates in extreme fitness challenges.

3. How tall is Elon Musk compared to Mark Zuckerberg? Elon Musk is more than 6ft tall, giving him a clear height advantage over Mark Zuckerberg, who measures up at 5ft 8in.

4. What are the workout routines of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg? Elon Musk jokes about his workout regime consisting mostly of spending time with his children. Mark Zuckerberg used to run a lot and got into surfing and MMA after the Covid pandemic. He also participates in extreme fitness challenges like the “Murph Challenge.”

5. Who would experts predict to win in a fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg? According to Total Shape experts, Mark Zuckerberg’s agility and endurance would give him an upper hand. However, Elon Musk’s strength and longer reach could be advantageous in forceful striking.


  • comment-avatar
    Romero 5 months ago

    I think Zuckerberg would win this fight. He would outlast his opponent as his endurance is clearly better.

    • comment-avatar
      Andreas 5 months ago

      Clearly Zuckerberg. There’s no chance he loses this fight. For those that think Musk can beat him just do a search for some videos with Mark fighting and you’ll see why he would win.

  • comment-avatar
    Vernon 5 months ago

    Would go with Musk. I think he has a lot of aces up his sleeve and Mark won’t know what hit him.

    • comment-avatar

      I don’t think Musk can KO Mark and he surely can’t last more than him in the ring. So, I would say Musk will lose.

  • comment-avatar

    I would have never imagined such a match. These guys have too much time and money on their hands, don’t they?

    • comment-avatar

      If they’re going to gather a lot of money from this and donate it to charity, then why not? It’s unorthodox for sure, but we’ve seen worse.