Teck CEO’s Strong Faith in Glencore Takeover’s Regulatory Passage


Teck CEO’s Strong Faith in Glencore Takeover’s Regulatory Passage

Teck CEO Optimistic About Glencore Takeover's Regulatory Approval

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In a recent development that has sent ripples through the mining industry, Glencore announced its plans to acquire a majority stake in Teck Resources’ coal business for a substantial sum of US$6.93 billion. This move by Glencore paves the way for Teck Resources to undergo a significant transformation, splitting its operations into two distinct companies—one dedicated to coal and the other focused on new metals. Jonathan Price, the CEO of Teck Resources (TSX: TECK.A and TECK.B, NYSE: TECK), expressed unwavering confidence that this takeover will smoothly navigate the regulatory approval process.

A Decisive Move for Teck Resources

The decision to divest its coal business is rooted in Teck Resources’ commitment to address the concerns of its shareholders. Over recent months, they have been vocal about their desire to see a clear separation of Teck’s steelmaking, coal, and base metals businesses. This acquisition by Glencore aligns perfectly with these demands, as Price explained during an interview with BNN Bloomberg.

“This transaction very much delivers on that,” Price stated emphatically. “This is a significant step forward in unlocking the value of our base metals business and really establishing Teck as a Canadian-based global critical minerals champion.”

This bold move marks the culmination of months of intense negotiations and scrutiny from government officials who have been vigilant about safeguarding the country’s natural resources.

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Industry Protections to Alleviate Concerns

To allay the concerns of regulators and the public, Teck Resources and Glencore have incorporated robust industry protections into their deal. These measures are expected to pave the way for regulatory approval.

“We’ll see Glencore committing to maintaining employment levels in Canada and in the coal business, committing to a Vancouver-based headquarters for the coal business, committing to additional investment in that business in the years ahead, particularly in the areas of research and development and community investments,” Price elaborated.

“We see this very much as the responsible separation that we’ve been looking for, and we believe that the commitments that Glencore has put forward here are very good for the Elk Valley, for British Columbia, and good for Canada.”

Expert Insight: A “Good Deal” for Shareholders

Allan Small, a senior investment advisor at IA Private Wealth, shared his perspective on the deal. He believes that the Glencore acquisition is indeed a “good deal” for shareholders, suggesting that they might even expect to receive a share of the substantial proceeds.

“They’re going to refocus, fix their balance sheet, improve their balance sheet, pay down some debt and … hopefully give some money back to shareholders,” Small pointed out.

Furthermore, this strategic move will enable Teck Resources to channel its resources and efforts into other commodities, notably copper, which is poised to see a surge in demand during the ongoing clean energy transition.

While the company’s stock has faced challenges in a tough economic environment, Small views this as a buying opportunity, especially with the infusion of funds resulting from the coal business sale.

“I think the valuations are very reasonable,” Small concluded, highlighting the potential for growth and improvement in Teck Resources’ financial health.


Teck Resources’ CEO, Jonathan Price, exudes confidence in Glencore’s takeover of the company’s coal business. The deal, valued at US$6.93 billion, not only aligns with shareholder expectations but also promises to unlock the full potential of Teck’s base metals business. With industry protections in place, regulatory approval is anticipated, ushering in a new era for both companies. Shareholders stand to benefit from the proceeds of this transaction, which will enable Teck Resources to focus on burgeoning commodities like copper.


  1. Is this acquisition a strategic move for Teck Resources? Yes, the acquisition of Teck’s coal business by Glencore allows Teck to refocus on other commodities, such as copper, which are in high demand amid the clean energy transition.
  2. What measures have been taken to address regulatory concerns? Glencore has committed to maintaining employment levels in Canada, establishing a Vancouver-based headquarters for the coal business, and making additional investments in research and development and community initiatives.
  3. Why did Teck Resources decide to divest its coal business? Teck Resources responded to the clear demand from shareholders for a separation of its steelmaking, coal, and base metals businesses, and this acquisition aligns with that objective.
  4. What impact will this deal have on Teck Resources’ financial health? The deal is expected to strengthen Teck Resources’ balance sheet, potentially leading to debt reduction and benefits for shareholders.
  5. Is this a good time to invest in Teck Resources’ stock? Despite recent stock challenges, some experts view this as a buying opportunity, especially with the potential for growth resulting from the coal business sale.