Apple’s India Growth: Market Share Surge


Apple’s India Growth: Market Share Surge

Apple's Remarkable Growth in India: Market Share Soars and Upside Potential Predicted

The Indian smartphone market has become a significant area of growth for Apple (APPL), with the tech giant steadily gaining market share in this emer

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The Indian smartphone market has become a significant area of growth for Apple (APPL), with the tech giant steadily gaining market share in this emerging geographic region. Despite not traditionally being considered one of its core markets, Apple has experienced a remarkable surge in India, recording a 50% year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2023, as reported by Counterpoint Research data[^1^].

Apple’s Market Share Growth in India

Counterpoint Research data highlights that while the overall cell phone market in India is witnessing declines due to consumers delaying upgrades or opting for refurbished devices, Apple’s premium status has positioned it as an exception. Customers in India are increasingly choosing Apple for the superior experience it offers, coupled with the easy availability of finance options across key geographies[^1^].

Potential Upside in India

Morgan Stanley analysts have also identified India as a potential driver for Apple’s future growth, predicting significant upside. Despite contributing only 2% to Apple’s revenue growth in the past five years, India is projected to account for 15% of Apple’s revenue growth and 20% of installed base growth in the next five years[^2^].

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Favorable Macro Backdrop in India

The macroeconomic conditions in India have become increasingly favorable for Apple. Years of economic reform, the establishment of a growing local manufacturing base, and advancements in electrification and digitization have created an environment conducive to Apple’s growth in the country. Morgan Stanley analysts have highlighted these factors as essential contributors to Apple’s success in India[^2^].

Overcoming Price Barriers

One significant barrier to Apple’s growth in India has been the higher price point of its products. However, the changing landscape of the Indian market presents new opportunities. The rising middle class in India has resulted in a growing consumer base that can afford premium smartphones. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges this shift, stating that India is on the verge of becoming a crucial market, given the increasing number of individuals entering the middle class and the dynamic and vibrant nature of the market[^3^].

Apple’s Expansion in India

To capitalize on the growing market potential in India, Apple has been making strategic moves. In April, the company unveiled its first flagship retail store in the country, signaling its commitment to the Indian market. Furthermore, Apple is diversifying its production locations, moving away from excessive dependence on China and beginning to manufacture more iPhones within India. Although currently manufacturing only about 6% of iPhones globally in India, this percentage is expected to rise as tensions between Beijing and Washington continue to impact global trade dynamics[^3^].


India’s emergence as a key market for Apple is evident through its expanding market share and the predictions of Wall Street analysts. Apple’s premium status, coupled with the increasing accessibility of finance options, has enabled the company to attract customers seeking a superior smartphone experience. The favorable macroeconomic conditions in India, including economic reforms, local manufacturing growth, and digitization, further support Apple’s success. Overcoming price barriers through a growing middle class and localized production in India showcases Apple’s commitment to the Indian market and its recognition of the immense potential it holds.


1. How has Apple’s market share been growing in India? Counterpoint Research data indicates that Apple experienced a 50% year-on-year growth in India during the second quarter of 2023. Despite overall declines in the cell phone market, Apple’s premium status and superior customer experience have helped it gain market share.

2. Why is India considered an important market for Apple? India is seen as an important market for Apple due to its immense growth potential. Wall Street analysts predict that India will account for a significant portion of Apple’s revenue growth and installed base growth in the coming years.

3. What factors contribute to Apple’s success in India? Apple’s success in India can be attributed to its premium status, which attracts customers seeking a superior smartphone experience. The availability of finance options across key geographies has also facilitated customer acquisition.

4. How has Apple overcome price barriers in India? Apple has recognized the growing middle class in India as an opportunity to overcome price barriers. As more individuals enter the middle class, there is an increasing consumer base capable of affording premium smartphones like the iPhone.

5. What steps has Apple taken to expand its presence in India? Apple has made strategic moves to expand its presence in India. This includes the unveiling of a flagship retail store in the country and the localization of iPhone manufacturing, reducing reliance on China and taking advantage of India’s manufacturing capabilities.


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    India could become a great market for Apple products in the upcoming years. That’s especially true if the tensions between US and China keep growing and it seems that will happen.

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    Natalie 9 months ago

    I’m surprised to hear just 6% of iPhones globally are manufactured in India. I was thinking that number would be 3-4 times higher. Apple would do better to diversify their manufacturing plants and choose better countries like India.