VERSES AI Backs White House’s Bold Move for Trustworthy AI Development

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VERSES AI Backs White House’s Bold Move for Trustworthy AI Development

VERSES AI Supports White House's Vision for a Trustworthy AI Future

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In a groundbreaking move that signifies a brighter future for the world of artificial intelligence, the White House recently unveiled its AI Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. Not surprisingly, the forward-thinking minds at VERSES AI Inc., a premier cognitive computing company, have expressed their robust endorsement of this initiative.

Gabriel René, the visionary Founder and CEO of VERSES, shared his optimism: “The recent White House order comes as a refreshing affirmation of the direction we’ve been advocating for. Our collaboration in developing the IEEE socio-technical standards over the past two years was precisely for this moment—to ensure the AI systems of tomorrow are safe, reliable, and respect the privacy of every user.”

What’s truly intriguing is VERSES’s comprehensive report titled ‘The Future of AI Governance.’ A collaboration with the legal juggernaut Dentons, and the Spatial Web Foundation, the report delves deep into the next-gen socio-technical standards that promise to reshape the global AI governance discourse.

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A noteworthy aspect of the report is the proposal of an AI rating system. This is designed to not just rank AI systems based on intelligence and autonomy but also suggests apt governance structures for each rank. The focus remains on some of the most pressing questions of our age: How do we align AI with human values? How can AI services be made equitable? And, perhaps the most revolutionary, how can AI systems be programmed to follow and enforce laws autonomously?

In another exhilarating update, VERSES AI has introduced its intelligent software platform, Genius™. René believes, “Our First Principles approach, anchored in standards and employing methods rooted in neuroscience, is the beacon that will guide us to the realization of artificial general intelligence—the elusive Holy Grail of AI.”

For those eager to witness the capabilities of Genius™, a special webinar is slated for November 3rd. Meanwhile, a broader discussion on AI governance will be hosted on November 9th. Those interested can register through the links provided in the original announcement.

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To sum it up, the horizon looks promising for the world of AI. With organizations like VERSES at the helm and the White House reinforcing the path, the dream of a harmonious synergy between humans and AI might just be around the corner.

Stay informed and be a part of this incredible journey. Learn more about VERSES AI, its mission, and its commitment to shaping a smarter world inspired by nature. Equally, delve deeper into Dentons’ global footprint and the Spatial Web Foundation’s ethical tech initiatives. The future is not just automated; it’s conscientious and optimistic!