Godfather of AI Geoffrey Hinton Quits Google and Sounds the Alarm on the Future of Technology


Godfather of AI Geoffrey Hinton Quits Google and Sounds the Alarm on the Future of Technology

Geoffrey Hinton, the "Godfather of AI," Quits Google and Sounds the Alarm on the Risks of Artificial Intelligence.

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Geoffrey Hinton, widely regarded as the “godfather of AI”, has quit Google, where he worked for over a decade, and issued a stark warning about the risks posed by the technology. Hinton played a major role in the development of AI systems, including the technology that underpins ChatGPT. However, he is now deeply concerned about the potential dangers of AI and believes that stronger regulation is required to prevent the proliferation of harmful and potentially lethal applications.

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The Short-Term Risks of AI

Hinton has warned that the technology could have serious negative consequences in the short term. Specifically, he believes that the proliferation of fake images, videos and text could make it increasingly difficult for people to know what is true. This could have profound implications for the way in which we make decisions and interact with one another. As the use of AI technology continues to grow, the risk of disinformation and propaganda being disseminated on a vast scale also increases.

The Long-Term Dangers of AI

While the short-term risks of AI are concerning, Hinton is particularly worried about the potential long-term dangers of the technology. He has warned that AI systems could learn to exhibit unexpected and dangerous behaviour, and that these systems could eventually power lethal killer robots. Moreover, Hinton is concerned that AI could cause major disruption to the labour market, as robots and other automated systems take over jobs previously performed by humans.

The Need for Regulation

Hinton has called for much stronger regulation of AI technology to prevent the worst possible outcomes. Specifically, he believes that companies such as Google and Microsoft must be prevented from engaging in a dangerous race to create ever-more powerful AI systems. Hinton has suggested that some companies may already be developing dangerous systems in secret, and that regulation is required to ensure that these systems do not cause harm.

The Growing Concerns of AI Experts

Hinton is far from the only AI expert to have raised concerns about the potential risks of the technology. In recent months, several open letters have warned of the “profound risks to society and humanity” posed by AI. Many of these letters were signed by the very people who helped to create the technology. Like many others in the field, Hinton has become increasingly concerned about the risks of AI over the past year, particularly as he believes that AI systems are beginning to behave in ways that are not possible in the human brain.

The Future of AI

Hinton’s warnings about the future of AI are particularly concerning given his status as one of the leading experts in the field. He believes that as companies continue to refine and train their AI systems, the technology will become even more dangerous. The difference between the AI of five years ago and today is already significant, and Hinton fears that this gap will continue to widen in the years to come.


The warnings of experts like Geoffrey Hinton should not be ignored. The rapid development of AI technology could have profound and potentially catastrophic consequences for society and the world at large. Stronger regulation is required to ensure that AI is developed in a responsible and safe manner, and that the risks are carefully managed.


  • comment-avatar
    Stephen J. 7 months ago

    Just wait until 2024 and the US election. We’ll probably see so many fake images and even videos that we won’t know the difference. Scary times we are living in. Don’t get me wrong, I would still invest in AI and do this but that doesn’t mean I don’t realize what could happen.

    • comment-avatar

      Yes, even AI videos are getting better and harder to spot for the human eye. And unfortunately, there are people that will be easily fooled even by badly made images. Just remember the whole “Trump arrested” images fiasco that happened a while back.

  • comment-avatar

    Jobs will be taken by AI, that is a certainty. Of course this is scaring people as it should. Especially since things seem to be happening very quickly. Too many changes, too fast. We won’t be able to realize everything that’s happening and what will affect what until it’s too late.

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel Marshall 7 months ago

    I also believe that some companies and even individuals are developing “bad AI” that is built with the sole intention of doing bad things like stealing money and hurting people. I would be shocked if this wasn’t happening already.

  • comment-avatar
    Mathew A. 7 months ago

    Much stronger regulation is needed very quickly. We all know the government moves very slowly on these things but now is the time to speed things up a LOT. We need AI development to slow down and laws and regulations to catch up or where in for a very will few months and years.

  • comment-avatar
    Bernard 7 months ago

    While I see all the potential AI has for every industry it’s also important to see the bad things that can come from this. Regulations are essential and a much tougher control on companies, especially major ones. They need to slow down in their race to be the best when it comes to AI because many things are overlooked since they are on the clock.