GMG’s New Board Member: Jack Perkowski


GMG’s New Board Member: Jack Perkowski

Jack Perkowski Joins GMG Board: Boosting Clean-Tech Innovation

Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. ( TSX-V: $GMG ) has welcomed a new addition to its board of directors, Mr. Jack Perkowski, based in New Jersey, USA

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Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. ( TSX-V: $GMG ) has welcomed a new addition to its board of directors, Mr. Jack Perkowski, based in New Jersey, USA. This appointment, effective from 7th September 2023, marks a significant development for the company.

Jack Perkowski’s Distinguished Background

Jack Perkowski’s career is marked by notable achievements. He spent two decades on Wall Street, culminating in his role as the head of Investment Banking at Paine Webber, a major securities firm later acquired by UBS in 2000. However, his journey didn’t stop there.

In 1994, Mr. Perkowski founded ASIMCO Technologies and assumed the positions of Chairman of ASIMCO’s Board of Directors and the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, ASIMCO became a pivotal player in China’s automotive components industry. It gained recognition for its innovative local management practices and successful integration of a China-based operation into the global economy. In 2010, ASIMCO’s excellence led to its acquisition by Bain Capital, solidifying its status as one of China’s most successful automotive component manufacturing companies.

A Transition to China

Jack Perkowski’s journey then took an intriguing turn when he made the decision to relocate to China. This move was a testament to his belief in the vast potential of China’s manufacturing landscape. His expertise played a pivotal role in shaping ASIMCO’s success story in the heart of China’s automotive industry.

Founding JFP Holdings

Following his remarkable tenure at ASIMCO, Mr. Perkowski founded JFP Holdings, a merchant banking firm with a distinct focus on China. Today, he serves as the Chairman of this venture, further showcasing his dedication to promoting financial and manufacturing endeavors in China.

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GMG’s Exciting Announcement

GMG’s CEO, Craig Nicol, expressed enthusiasm regarding Jack Perkowski’s appointment, highlighting the value of his financial and manufacturing entrepreneur experience. The addition of Mr. Perkowski is expected to greatly benefit GMG as it continues its journey into commercial manufacturing operations.

Guy Outen, GMG’s Chair, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Jack’s successful history at Paine Webber and ASIMCO. His extensive knowledge in manufacturing and finance is expected to be a valuable asset to the board and in supporting GMG’s ambitious goals.

About GMG

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) is a leading clean-technology company dedicated to offering innovative energy-saving and energy storage solutions powered by graphene. GMG distinguishes itself through a proprietary production process that decomposes natural gas, specifically methane, into its fundamental elements. This process yields high-quality graphene at a competitive cost, making it suitable for clean-technology applications and beyond.

Proprietary Production Process

GMG’s proprietary production process stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation. It allows them to produce scalable, ‘tuneable,’ and low/no contaminant graphene. This graphene is primed for use in clean technology and various other applications. GMG’s current focus revolves around de-risking and developing commercial-scale capabilities while securing market applications.

Energy Savings Solutions

In the domain of energy savings, GMG has made significant strides. Their graphene-enhanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC-R) coating, often referred to as energy-saving paint, is poised to revolutionize the industry. Additionally, GMG’s innovative lubricants and fluids further contribute to energy efficiency.

Energy Storage Solutions

GMG has also ventured into the realm of energy storage. Collaborating with the University of Queensland and receiving financial support from the Australian Government, GMG is at the forefront of research and development in graphene aluminum-ion batteries (G+AI Batteries).

The Promise of Graphene

The utilization of graphene in clean technology applications holds immense promise. Its exceptional properties, including high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, make it a game-changer in energy storage and efficiency.

Jack Perkowski’s Role at GMG

Jack Perkowski’s appointment to GMG’s board of directors carries significant weight. His extensive background in finance and manufacturing, along with his successful track record, is expected to provide invaluable insights and guidance to GMG as it charts its course in the clean technology industry.

Future Prospects

The future looks promising for GMG with Jack Perkowski on board. His wealth of experience and expertise can potentially steer the company towards new heights of success, fostering innovation and growth.


In conclusion, the addition of Jack Perkowski to Graphene Manufacturing Group’s board of directors is a significant move that underscores GMG’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the clean technology sector. With a visionary like Mr. Perkowski on their team, GMG is poised for an exciting journey ahead.


  1. What is Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG)?
    • GMG is a clean-technology company specializing in energy-saving and energy storage solutions powered by graphene.
  2. What is graphene, and why is it significant in clean technology?
    • Graphene is a remarkable material known for its high electrical conductivity and strength, making it crucial for energy efficiency and storage.
  3. What are the key achievements of Jack Perkowski in his career?
    • Jack Perkowski has had a successful career on Wall Street and founded ASIMCO Technologies, a major player in China’s automotive industry.
  4. How does GMG produce graphene?
    • GMG employs a proprietary production process that decomposes natural gas into graphene and other elements.
  5. What are GMG’s focus areas in energy savings and storage?
    • GMG focuses on graphene-enhanced HVAC-R coatings, lubricants, fluids, and graphene aluminum-ion batteries (G+AI Batteries) in the energy savings and storage sectors.