Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodity Markets This Week


Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodity Markets This Week

Top 5 Charts to Keep an Eye on in Global Commodity Markets

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Global Commodity markets continue to be a major force in the global economy, with prices for oil, gas, metals, and agricultural products affecting everything from the cost of living to the health of national economies. As we head into a new week, there are several key charts that investors and traders will be keeping a close eye on to gauge the direction of these markets.

Stock to Watch: Carlyle Commodities Corp (CSE:CCC, OTC:DLRYF)

Global Commodity: Oil

The global crude oil industry is facing a series of challenges in the coming days, with the CERAWeek by S&P Global conference set to take place this week. The conference will bring together explorers, investors, and analysts from around the world to discuss the industry’s future, including the possibility of easing the ongoing supply shortage that is driving prices higher. At the same time, governments and other stakeholders are calling on producers to increase output in order to meet demand.

One factor that could impact prices this week is the increasing importance of the United States as a supplier to overseas buyers. Buyers in Asia and Europe are still seeking alternatives to sanctioned Russian oil, and the US benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude is trading at a steep discount to its international counterpart.

US Crude exports hit a record high - Global Commodity


Natural gas prices in the US are rebounding after hitting their lowest levels in more than two years last month. Prices are up around 50% since February 22, largely due to a cold snap that is expected to boost heating demand just as production appears to be slowing. In addition, a record amount of natural gas is headed to US export terminals after a key facility in Texas restarted.

US Natural gas surges the most since mid-2020 - Global Commodity


The annual PDAC mineral exploration and mining conference is set to begin in Toronto this week, bringing together executives, investors, bankers, and government officials from around the world. One key topic of discussion is likely to be mergers and acquisitions, with Newmont Corp.’s $17 billion pursuit of Newcrest Mining Ltd. already making headlines. Other mining giants, including BHP Group, Glencore Plc, and Rio Tinto Group, have also signaled renewed interest in takeovers.

Mining M&A off to strong start - Global Commodity


The recent slump in grain prices following Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine has led to concerns about the possibility of food deflation, including for meat, cereal, and bread. Investors and traders are now eagerly anticipating the US Department of Agriculture’s next supply and demand report, scheduled for March 8. Analysts expect the agency to lift its estimate for corn stockpiles in the US, the world’s biggest producer.

Grains deflation - Global Commodity


The London Metal Exchange is currently under investigation by the UK markets watchdog for potential misconduct during a massive nickel short squeeze last year. In addition, the LME nickel market continues to be plagued by illiquid and erratic trading, which has contributed to a nearly 19% decline in prices so far this year. Concerns about new supply from Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of nickel, are also weighing on the market.

As we head into the coming days, it’s clear that the global commodity markets will continue to be a major focus for investors, traders, and analysts alike. By keeping a close eye on these key charts and trends, market participants can better understand the current state of these markets and make more informed investment decisions.

Nickel Prices have fallen this year on rising supply outlook - economist global - Global Commodity

Global Commodity: Conclusion

The global commodity markets continue to play a vital role in the global economy, with prices for oil, gas, metals, and agricultural products impacting everything from the cost of living to the health of national economies. By staying informed about key trends and developments in these markets, investors and traders can better navigate the often complex and volatile world of commodities.


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    It wasn’t enough that we had to go through (and still do in many parts) a deadly pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also derailed plans of things going back to normal anytime soon. And I don’t see the Russian conflict ending in less than 3-5 years or even more.

    Even so, I believe the markets are going to pick up over the next few weeks so it’s good to see these charts and keep things in perspective.

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    James A. 9 months ago

    Food deflation is probably the main reason why we are seeing lower retailer stock prices and layoffs in some industries/companies. Food is more expensive plus there are the energy prices that have gone up considerably. I’m glad green energy is a US priority as I think it can help a lot in times such as these. And who knows what the future will bring?