The Imminent Copper Crisis: An Insider’s Warning


The Imminent Copper Crisis: An Insider’s Warning

Navigating the Looming Copper Crisis: An Insider's Perspective

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A Forewarning from a Mining Mogul

Billionaire Robert Friedland, the founder of Ivanhoe Mines, has issued a stark warning about what he refers to as a looming ‘train wreck’ in the global copper supply. This influential industry figure’s dire prediction deserves attention, considering his extensive experience and deep understanding of the global mining landscape.

The Rising Demand for Copper

Copper is a crucial element in various sectors, particularly the booming clean energy industry. The ongoing shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, renewable energy sources has significantly increased the demand for this versatile metal. Copper’s superior electrical conductivity makes it a vital component in everything from electric vehicles to wind turbines.

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The Stalling Supply of Copper

Despite the rapidly growing demand, copper supply appears to be stalling. The mining industry is struggling to keep pace, leading to a widening gap between demand and supply.

The Underlying Factors

Friedland identifies several reasons behind this worrying trend.

The Increasing Cost and Complexity of Mining

Mining copper is becoming increasingly expensive and complex. The easy-to-access deposits are rapidly depleting, pushing the mining operations to more remote and challenging locations. The costs associated with exploring, extracting, and processing copper from these areas are significantly higher, contributing to the slowing supply.

Society’s Misunderstanding of Mining’s Role

A widespread lack of understanding about mining’s crucial role in the clean energy transition is another contributing factor. As Friedland points out, society needs to better understand and appreciate mining’s role in supplying the materials necessary for renewable energy technologies.

The Call for Copper as a Critical Material

In light of these challenges, Friedland argues for the need to include copper as a critical material under President Joe Biden’s clean energy law.

America’s Mining Dormancy

Friedland notes that America hasn’t developed a mine of consequence for the past 40 years. He sees this as a significant problem given the rapidly increasing demand for copper and the crucial role it plays in the clean energy transition.

The Importance of Copper in Clean Energy

Copper is fundamental to the clean energy revolution. As countries worldwide strive to cut carbon emissions and shift towards renewable energy, the demand for copper is set to rise dramatically. Recognizing copper as a criticalmaterial under clean energy law is essential to ensure that its supply can meet the future demand.

The Possible Repercussions

Failure to address these issues could lead to several adverse consequences.

Price Surges and Volatility

One of the immediate implications of a copper shortage would be a surge in prices. This could cause significant volatility in the commodity markets, disrupting economic stability and growth.

Impact on Clean Energy Transition

A copper shortage could also hamper the ongoing clean energy transition. With copper being a key component in renewable energy technologies, its scarcity could slow down the development and deployment of these technologies, delaying efforts to combat climate change.

The Way Forward

So, what can be done to avert this impending copper crisis?

Urgent Need for Development and Funding

Firstly, there’s a pressing need to develop new mines and invest in mining technologies that can efficiently and sustainably extract copper from challenging locations. Governments, investors, and mining companies need to work together to ensure adequate funding for these initiatives.

Awareness and Action

Secondly, there’s a need to raise awareness about the importance of mining in the clean energy transition. Society at large needs to understand and support the mining industry’s efforts to supply the critical materials required for a sustainable future.


In conclusion, the warning of an impending copper ‘train wreck’ from an industry insider like Robert Friedland is a wake-up call to governments, investors, and society as a whole. With the rising demand for copper, especially in the clean energy sector, and the stalling supply, urgent actions are needed to prevent a potential crisis. Recognizing copper as a critical material, developing new mines, investing in sustainable mining technologies, and raising public awareness are crucial steps in this direction.


  1. Why is copper important in the clean energy transition? Copper’s superior electrical conductivity makes it a crucial component in renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles.
  2. What are the challenges in copper mining? The challenges include increasing costs and complexities of mining as easy-to-access deposits are depleting, and a lack of understanding about mining’s role in the clean energy transition.
  3. What does Robert Friedland suggest to address these challenges? Friedland suggests recognizing copper as a critical material under clean energy law, developing new mines, and raising public awareness about the importance of mining.
  4. How could a copper shortage impact the economy? A copper shortage could lead to price surges and volatility in commodity markets, disrupting economic stability and growth.
  5. What role does society play in addressing this issue? Society plays a crucial role in understanding and supporting the mining industry’s efforts to supply the critical materials required for a sustainable future.


  • comment-avatar
    Susan 5 months ago

    Society definitely needs to better understand and appreciate mining. And everyone involved in mining (especially the hard working people that do the most dangerous parts) should be making more money from this.

    • comment-avatar
      Christine 5 months ago

      And maybe we can get AI to do more of the dangerous parts and not risk the lives of people? Hopefully we can get there sooner rather than later.

  • comment-avatar
    Jason 5 months ago

    I can’t understand why America has been dormant when it comes to mining. I mean, this is one of the biggest, most powerful countries and they haven’t developed a good mine in 40 years!!! Why?!

    • comment-avatar
      Nigel 5 months ago

      Because people like Biden don’t understand the correlation between mining certain materials and clean energy. They want clean energy but don’t understand how we can get there.

  • comment-avatar
    Dean A. 5 months ago

    Whoever controls copper will be in a great position soon. They will be able to negotiate certain deals that would otherwise never happen.

    • comment-avatar
      William 5 months ago

      We need to find more copper and more countries need to mine it. Scarcity of any resource leads to trouble.