Meta Overtakes Tesla in Market Value for the First Time in 16 Months


Meta Overtakes Tesla in Market Value for the First Time in 16 Months

Meta's market value surpasses Tesla as Zuckerberg's plans for efficiency pay off.

Meta, the social media giant led by Mark Zuckerberg, has surpassed Tesla in market value for the first time in 16 months. Meta's shares have surged b

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Meta, the social media giant led by Mark Zuckerberg, has surpassed Tesla in market value for the first time in 16 months. Meta’s shares have surged by 77% this year, driven in part by Zuckerberg’s promise to make 2023 a year of efficiency. Meanwhile, Tesla has seen a 10% drop in its stock price, as investors express concerns over its aggressive price cuts and dwindling profit margins. In this article, we’ll delve into what this shift in market value means for both companies and their leaders.

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The Numbers behind Meta and Tesla’s Market Capitalizations

At the closing bell on Thursday, Meta’s market capitalization was $547 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. This exceeds Tesla’s market cap of $517 billion, which marks the first time Meta has been worth more than Tesla since December 2021. Meta’s climb up the rankings makes it the seventh-largest company by market capitalization, while Tesla now stands at eighth place.

Meta’s Strong Performance and Zuckerberg’s Plans for Efficiency

Meta has been one of the best-performing companies on the US stock market this year, with a surge in its share price of 77%. This growth is driven by Zuckerberg’s plans to streamline the company’s operations, which includes laying off workers to cut costs and improve efficiency. Investors have responded positively to this strategy, as they see it as a way to increase the company’s profitability in the long term.

Tesla’s Struggles with Profit Margins and Aggressive Price Cuts

While Tesla’s share price has climbed by 32% this year, it has also experienced a significant drop in its stock price. This drop is attributed to concerns among investors that the company’s aggressive price cuts are eating into its profit margins. Tesla’s first-quarter earnings showed a 24% decline in net income, which is a worrying sign for investors who have long seen Tesla as a key player in the electric vehicle market.

What This Means for Zuckerberg and Musk’s Fortunes

While Meta’s market value now exceeds Tesla’s, it’s worth noting that Zuckerberg’s personal fortune of $78 billion is still less than half of Musk’s net worth of $164 billion. Despite this, the shift in market value between the two companies is significant, as it reflects the changing priorities of investors in the US stock market. As both companies continue to compete in their respective markets, it will be interesting to see how their fortunes evolve over time.


In summary, Meta’s surge in market value is a testament to Zuckerberg’s plans for efficiency, which have resonated with investors on the US stock market. Meanwhile, Tesla’s struggles with profit margins and aggressive price cuts have led to a drop in its stock price. While the shift in market value between the two companies is significant, it’s worth noting that Musk’s net worth still dwarfs that of Zuckerberg. However, as both companies continue to evolve and compete in their respective markets, it’s likely that we’ll see further changes in their market capitalizations and the fortunes of their leaders.


  • comment-avatar
    Cecilia 1 year ago

    Zuckerberg put so much money into his metaverse and the company was doing very poorly. Fortunately he stopped before the company suffered irreparable damage. I don’t agree with praising someone who just fires people to increase “efficiency”. If he wouldn’t have invested so much money into an obviously failing project like the metaverse, Meta wouldn’t have needed to lay off so many people. Rant over.

    • comment-avatar
      Adam 1 year ago

      The correct term is “sunk money into” because that was surely not an investment. All signs were pointing towards a big failure but yet, Mr. Z sunk more money into it. It looked terrible, people didn’t like it and even Facebook employees didn’t want to use the Metaverse. It was and is that bad.

  • comment-avatar
    Robert 1 year ago

    Zuckerberg managed to finally turn the ship around eventually but we shouldn’t forget the many bad decisions he made recently. If he would have continued maybe he would have lost all support. As it stands, Meta is in a good place now but let’s see what the future holds. I’m not sure Meta is going to thrive in 2-3 years unless they stop investing in bad projects and find better ways to monetize themselves.

  • comment-avatar
    Cole 1 year ago

    I think this growth is partially artificial because it’s based on layoffs. It’s not based as much on the growth of the company, on innovation so I’m not sure how long this will last. Meta is not in a good place now and if they don’t find ways to make more money from their many users, their stock will soon go down.