Beyond Meat Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates


Beyond Meat Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates

Beyond Meat Reports Slight Beat on Q4 Earnings

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Beyond Meat Earnings, Results Show Progress Towards Sustainable Growth Model

Beyond Meat (BYND), the plant-based protein giant recently reported its fiscal fourth-quarter and full-year 2022 earnings results, which slightly beat Wall Street estimates. While the company experienced a decline in revenue in both periods, CEO Ethan Brown stated that Beyond Meat is making progress toward transitioning to a sustainable growth model. Here are some key points from the earnings report and what they mean for investors.

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Revenue Decline, But Beating Expectations

Beyond Meat’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022 declined by 20.6% year-over-year as the company lapses its partnerships with fast food giants like KFC and McDonald’s. Full-year 2022 revenue also saw a decrease of 9.8%. Despite these declines, Beyond Meat still managed to beat Wall Street’s revenue estimates, with $79.9 million versus $75.7 million expected.

This news is encouraging for investors, as it shows that Beyond Meat is still able to perform better than expected despite facing some headwinds. It’s also worth noting that Beyond Meat is making strides to diversify its revenue streams beyond fast-food partnerships. For example, the company recently expanded its product offerings in grocery stores and is focusing on driving growth in retail and food service channels.

Beyond Meat Transitioning to a Sustainable Growth Model

CEO Ethan Brown stated that Beyond Meat is focused on transitioning to a sustainable growth model, which emphasizes achieving cash flow-positive operations within the second half of 2023. To achieve this goal, the company is focusing on three primary pillars: driving margin recovery and operating expense reduction, bringing inventory levels down while generating cash flow, and placing a greater emphasis on near-term retail and food service growth drivers while also supporting strategic key long-term partners and opportunities.

These efforts demonstrate Beyond Meat’s commitment to sustainable growth and financial discipline. By prioritizing cash flow-positive operations and reducing expenses, the company can weather any future market downturns and emerge stronger in the long run. Investors should be encouraged by this focus on financial discipline, as it signals that Beyond Meat is thinking strategically about its future.

New Hires and Strategic Partnerships

Beyond Meat has also made some recent moves that suggest it is positioning itself for future growth. In October of 2022, the company announced plans to reduce expenses and target cash flow-positive operations within the second half of 2023. This announcement coincided with a 19% cut in its workforce. A month ago, Beyond Meat hired Akerho “AK” Oghoghomeh from Red Bull to lead global marketing efforts. This hire signals the company’s commitment to expanding its global reach and increasing brand awareness.

Furthermore, Beyond Meat’s strategic partnership with McDonald’s is progressing well, with the fast-food giant recently unveiling plant-based McPlant Nuggets in Germany. This news follows the announcement of the McPlant burger in 2021, which was the first offering in McDonald’s strategic three-year partnership with Beyond Meat.


While Beyond Meat’s revenue declines in the fourth quarter and full year of 2022 are cause for concern, the fact that the company beat Wall Street’s revenue estimates is encouraging. Moreover, Beyond Meat’s focus on transitioning to a sustainable growth model, reducing expenses, and increasing cash flow positivity are all positive signs for investors. Finally, the company’s recent hires and strategic partnerships, including the partnership with McDonald’s, suggest that Beyond Meat is well-positioned for future growth. Overall, investors should be cautiously optimistic about Beyond Meat’s future prospects.