Alaska Energy Metals Agrees to Acquire Angliers-Belleterre Project in Quebec


Alaska Energy Metals Agrees to Acquire Angliers-Belleterre Project in Quebec

Unlocking the Potential: AEMC's Strategic Acquisition of Angliers-Belleterre Project

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Alaska Energy Metals Corporation (AEMC) has made a significant move in the mining industry by agreeing to acquire the Angliers-Belleterre nickel-copper project located in western Quebec. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting development, exploring the project’s geological significance, acquisition specifics, and the potential it holds for AEMC and the region.

Acquisition Announcement

On September 20, 2023, AEMC entered a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase 1413336 BC Ltd., the owner of the Angliers-Belleterre nickel-copper project, along with approximately $2.8 million in cash assets. This acquisition marks a significant step forward for AEMC in expanding its portfolio.

Project Overview

The Angliers-Belleterre Property

The Angliers-Belleterre property is distinguished by its geological composition, with komatiitic ultramafic flow rocks and differentiated gabbro rocks that resemble the setting of the renowned Kambalda nickel district in Australia. The geological parallels to this prosperous district are a promising sign.

Acquisition Details

AEMC plans to acquire 100% of 141 BC’s securities through the exchange of AEMC shares and warrants. The agreement is structured to provide AEMC with a strong foundation for this project, offering stability and growth potential.

Company Perspective

AEMC’s President & CEO, Gregory Beischer, brings valuable experience to this venture, having studied similar geological conditions during his time with INCO. His insights and enthusiasm for this project underscore its potential for success.

Definitive Purchase Agreement

The parties involved intend to formalize the acquisition with a definitive purchase agreement, which will outline further terms and conditions. The completion of this acquisition is subject to standard regulatory approvals, including acceptance by the TSX Venture Exchange.

Property Size and Location

Extensive Claims

The Angliers property covers an extensive area, with 454 claims encompassing 24,182.64 hectares. Its location in western Quebec, near the Ontario border, offers strategic advantages for access and transportation.

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Geological Significance

The Angliers project’s geological context is compelling, as it taps into the Archean volcanic stratigraphy of the Baby Group. This regional setting is believed to be related to a mantle plume, a geological phenomenon associated with valuable base metal deposits.

Nearby Nickel Prospects

Adjacent claims, such as the Midrim nickel prospect, indicate promising nickel prospects that extend into the Angliers-Belleterre project. Additionally, a documented belt of nickel-enriched rocks further supports the project’s potential.

Figure 1. Claim map on airborne magnetic base map showing potential extension of Midrim nickel – copper deposit host stratigraphy onto Angliers project claims, and elevated nickel in rock samples in northern magnetic belt.

Exploration Opportunities

AI-Driven Analysis

141 BC conducted an “artificial intelligence” analysis, revealing the promising mineralized trends within the project. AEMC plans to build upon this data, conducting targeted geophysical surveys to identify optimal drill targets.

Diverse Mineral Potential

Beyond nickel-copper deposits, the Angliers property also exhibits potential for gold and polymetallic volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits. This diversity of mineral resources enhances the project’s appeal.

Flow-Through Financing Benefits

Operating in Quebec offers AEMC access to flow-through financing, a valuable tool for funding exploration efforts. This financial advantage will play a crucial role in the project’s development.

Exploration Rebates

The Quebec government offers exploration expenditure rebates, especially for critical metals like nickel. This presents an additional incentive for AEMC’s exploration activities in the region.


The acquisition of the Angliers-Belleterre project represents a strategic move for Alaska Energy Metals Corporation. The geological potential, extensive claims, and access to financial resources create a promising path forward. AEMC’s commitment to modern exploration techniques ensures a thorough and innovative approach to this venture.


  1. What is the significance of the Angliers-Belleterre project’s geological composition?The project’s geological makeup, including komatiitic ultramafic flow rocks and differentiated gabbro rocks, resembles the geological setting of the prosperous Kambalda nickel district in Australia, indicating substantial potential.
  2. How will AEMC fund its exploration efforts in Quebec?AEMC will leverage flow-through financing, a financial mechanism available in Quebec, to support its exploration activities.
  3. What incentives does the Quebec government offer for mineral exploration?The Quebec government provides exploration expenditure rebates, particularly for critical metals like nickel, incentivizing companies like AEMC to invest in exploration in the region.
  4. Who is the qualified person overseeing this project?Gregory Beischer, President & CEO of AEMC, holds the designation of a “qualified person” under National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects and is responsible for the project’s technical aspects.
  5. Where can I find more information about Alaska Energy Metals Corporation and this project?For additional information, visit Alaska Energy Metals Corporation’s website.