Can You Believe It? This Stock Gained a Staggering 76%!


Can You Believe It? This Stock Gained a Staggering 76%!

Unraveling the Spectacular Surge of Melrose Industries: A Deep Dive into its 76% FTSE 100 Gain in 2023

A staggering 76% return within just eight months – this might sound like a fantasy, but it's the remarkable reality that investors in Melrose Industr

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A staggering 76% return within just eight months – this might sound like a fantasy, but it’s the remarkable reality that investors in Melrose Industries (LSE: MRO), a global aerospace firm within the FTSE 100, are relishing. The eye-popping performance begs the question: is it still a good time to jump on board, or has the ship already sailed? In this article, we delve into the dynamics behind this astonishing surge and explore whether this upward trajectory is sustainable.

Why has this FTSE 100 stock soared?

It’s not entirely surprising that Melrose has been outshining other stocks when you dig into the company’s strategic moves and announcements. The journey of ascension started with a significant leap in profits – from £194 million in 2021 to a whopping £384 million last year. The real kicker, though, was Melrose’s projection of double-digit revenue growth for 2023. This optimistic outlook found its roots in the resurgence of demand in the civil aviation sector post the pandemic-induced slowdown.

An intriguing twist to this narrative involves Melrose’s close associate, Rolls-Royce, another heavyweight in the FTSE 100 arena. Remarkably, Rolls-Royce has been enjoying a spectacular run in 2023. This syncs perfectly with Melrose’s strategic decision to shed its automotive arm, opting for a singular focus on aerospace. Investors were quick to embrace this move, leading to a springtime of growth and anticipation.

The latest update from May 2023 only adds to the positive sentiment. Melrose reported trading “ahead of expectations”, witnessing a 19% surge in revenue during the initial four months of the year. The icing on the cake? The company proudly paraded “significant growth” in both profit and margin. Amidst a slew of companies grappling with economic headwinds, Melrose’s bullish stand has struck a chord with the market.

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Positive momentum

Admittedly, I might not be the sole individual among market enthusiasts who initially overlooked Melrose’s potential. However, this oversight is undergoing a drastic revision. While the FTSE 100 index itself has slumped by almost 3% in 2023, Melrose hasn’t just defied this trend – it’s left it far behind in the dust.

Considering the company’s narrative, it’s plausible that this bullish momentum might well persist. The crystal ball offers a glimpse of full-year revenue projections ranging from £3.35 billion to £3.45 billion, coupled with an optimistic outlook of “substantial further growth in future years”.

Baked in?

However, let’s pause for a reality check. The valuation – a rather elevated price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 33 – raises a brow. Granted, this number eases to 21 in 2024, provided analyst projections materialize without any hiccups. Alas, the world of earnings projections isn’t immune to revisions, sometimes leading to downward adjustments.

Another aspect raising eyebrows is recent director selling, especially the CEO’s offloading of 2 million shares due to “change in personal circumstances”. While this might be a solitary incident, a trend of senior management heading for the exit could spell trouble.

In all fairness, the possibility of a round of profit-taking can’t be disregarded. As an investor who swears by quality stocks, I’m an advocate of long-term commitment. Nonetheless, it’s hard to fault anyone for booking gains following such an exceptional run.

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On the watchlist

What can we glean from Melrose’s astounding showmanship in 2023? Firstly, it reaffirms that beating the market is indeed achievable, provided you manage to grab the right stocks at the opportune moment. Secondly, it serves as a testament to the underdogs – those companies that might not grace headlines as much as their FTSE 100 peers but are capable of delivering substantially better returns.

Melrose has earned a coveted spot on my watchlist. While I contemplate its addition to my personal portfolio, I acknowledge the criticality of conducting a thorough analysis.


In the realm of investing, timing often plays a pivotal role. Melrose Industries’ exhilarating journey in 2023 showcases the rewards that can be reaped when strategic decisions align with market dynamics. While the future holds uncertainty, Melrose has undoubtedly etched its name in the annals of remarkable performers this year.


  1. Is Melrose Industries a newcomer to the market? No, Melrose Industries is an established global aerospace firm with a significant presence.
  2. What prompted Melrose’s decision to focus on aerospace? The decision was influenced by post-pandemic demand in the civil aviation sector and the performance of its peer, Rolls-Royce.
  3. Should I be concerned about the CEO’s share offloading? While individual transactions can have reasons beyond the company’s performance, it’s essential to monitor any trends in senior management actions.
  4. Can Melrose’s exceptional performance be attributed solely to the market climate? Melrose’s strategic decisions and performance indicate that it has capitalized on favorable market conditions effectively.
  5. How should I approach stocks like Melrose as a long-term investor? Long-term commitment is valuable, but periodic assessments of the company’s performance and market trends are equally crucial.