AI Security Group: Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI


AI Security Group: Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI

Collaborative Initiative for Safer AI: Frontier Model Forum Unites Anthropic, Google, Microsoft & OpenAI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) development has witnessed significant progress in recent years, revolutionizing various industries and aspects of daily life. However, along with its potential benefits, AI also brings about considerable security risks. While regulatory bodies are working towards implementing guidelines, companies are taking proactive steps to ensure AI safety. In a notable collaborative effort, Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have come together to establish the Frontier Model Forum—a unique industry-led initiative focused on secure and careful AI development. This article delves into the Forum’s objectives, pillars, and the urgent need for AI safety.

What is the Frontier Model Forum?

The Frontier Model Forum centers around frontier models in the AI domain. These models refer to “large-scale machine-learning models” that surpass current capabilities and possess a diverse range of abilities. The primary goal of the Forum is to foster AI development that prioritizes safety and caution, given the potential impact of these cutting-edge models.

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The Pillars of the Frontier Model Forum

The Forum intends to build its foundation on four key pillars. Firstly, it aims to establish an advisory committee that will provide valuable insights and expertise in the domain of AI safety. Secondly, the Forum seeks to outline a comprehensive charter and secure adequate funding to support its initiatives effectively.

A critical aspect of the Frontier Model Forum is its emphasis on AI safety research. The members will work towards advancing the field of AI safety to mitigate risks and improve the overall understanding of safe AI development.

Additionally, the Forum will actively engage in determining and promoting best practices for AI development. Collaborating with policymakers, academics, civil society, and other companies, the Forum aims to create a collective effort to ensure AI technologies address society’s greatest challenges responsibly.

Roadmap for the Forum’s Activities

In the initial phase, the Frontier Model Forum will focus on accomplishing three primary objectives within the next year. By doing so, the Forum aims to make significant progress in the domain of AI safety in a relatively short period.

The Forum’s membership is exclusive to AI companies involved in developing frontier models and showcasing a clear commitment to ensuring their safety. This qualification ensures that companies working on the most powerful AI models align on common ground and collectively drive the adoption of robust safety practices.

The Urgency of AI Safety

AI development is advancing rapidly, and the deployment of frontier models is on the horizon. It is essential for AI companies to recognize the urgency of ensuring these models are developed responsibly and securely. By aligning their efforts towards AI safety, companies can maximize the positive impact of AI tools on society.

Anna Makanju, OpenAI’s vice president of global affairs, emphasizes the importance of the Forum’s work in advancing the state of AI safety promptly. The Forum, through its collective expertise and collaboration, stands poised to make significant contributions to the field of AI safety.

Collaboration with the White House

The formation of the Frontier Model Forum follows a recent safety agreement between the White House and prominent AI companies, including the entities responsible for creating this new initiative. The safety measures committed to include subjecting AI systems to tests for potential biased or harmful behavior, conducted by external experts. Additionally, AI-generated content will be marked with a watermark, helping identify its source and maintain transparency.


The establishment of the Frontier Model Forum represents a significant step in the ongoing efforts towards AI safety. Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI’s collaborative approach demonstrates their commitment to ensuring that AI development remains secure, responsible, and aligned with societal well-being. By focusing on AI safety research, best practices, and collaboration with stakeholders, the Forum aims to navigate the challenges of AI development and foster a safer AI ecosystem.


  1. What is the Frontier Model Forum? The Frontier Model Forum is an industry-led body formed by Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI to promote safe and careful AI development, specifically focusing on frontier models.
  2. What are frontier models in AI? Frontier models refer to large-scale machine-learning models that surpass current capabilities and have a wide range of abilities.
  3. What are the pillars of the Frontier Model Forum? The Forum’s pillars include establishing an advisory committee, charter and funding, AI safety research, and determining best practices for AI development.
  4. How will the Forum collaborate with policymakers? The Forum will actively work with policymakers, academics, civil society, and companies to collectively address societal challenges through AI development.
  5. What are the qualifications for joining the Forum? AI companies must be involved in developing frontier models and demonstrate a clear commitment to ensuring their safety to be eligible for Forum membership.


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    Curious to see how this goes and how quickly this AI security group can actually react to the super fast changes happening in the industry.

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    Martin 4 months ago

    On paper, it sounds good. Let’s see how it all translates to reality. This forum needs to constantly be on their toes as AI is shifting direction all the time.

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    Anton 4 months ago

    They need smart people to take care of things and make quick decisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re Google or Microsoft, AI won’t care. AI will do its thing and bad people will try to maximize the money they can make using AI, without caring for consumers/users.