25 Years of Google: Shifting Tech Norms


25 Years of Google: Shifting Tech Norms

Google's 25th Anniversary: From Extraordinary to Ordinary

Google is not just celebrating its 25th anniversary but also envisioning a future where its technology becomes so commonplace that people will simply

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Google is not just celebrating its 25th anniversary but also envisioning a future where its technology becomes so commonplace that people will simply shrug at it. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of both Google and parent company Alphabet, recently shared his thoughts in a memo marking this significant milestone. In this article, we delve into Pichai’s insights and Google’s journey from being extraordinary to ordinary.

Introduction: Google’s 25th Anniversary

Google has traditionally celebrated its birthday on the 27th of September, a date chosen somewhat arbitrarily. This year, however, Google is taking the entire month to commemorate its achievements. Sundar Pichai’s memo serves as the launchpad for these celebrations, emphasizing the company’s gratitude towards its users, employees, and partners.

Google’s Milestone: From Extraordinary to Ordinary

Sundar Pichai articulated the company’s vision for the future. Google aims to develop technology that seamlessly integrates into our lives, moving from the realm of the extraordinary to the ordinary. Pichai believes that making once-futuristic concepts, such as taking a call from your watch or instructing your car to play your favorite song, seem commonplace is a measure of success.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

At the heart of Pichai’s message is deep gratitude. He acknowledges the people who have contributed to Google’s journey – the users who challenge Google to innovate, the dedicated Googlers past and present who have crafted its products, and the partners who share its mission.

The Future of Google: Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Google’s future heavily revolves around artificial intelligence. Pichai’s memo reflects the company’s commitment to harnessing AI for the betterment of society. The technology Google is building aims to become an integral part of our lives, seamlessly enhancing our daily experiences.

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Innovation and the Shrug Effect

Pichai introduces the concept of the “shrug effect.” As technology progresses, what was once groundbreaking becomes ordinary. Pichai’s personal examples, like his children shrugging at technological marvels, highlight the rapid pace of change and the challenges of maintaining innovation.

Google’s Approach to Success

Google’s success is not taken for granted. Pichai emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. It’s this mindset that has kept Google at the forefront of the tech industry.

Contested Questions in AI

Artificial intelligence has faced its fair share of criticism and skepticism. Pichai acknowledges this but remains hopeful that AI will eventually be embraced as something ordinary, just like other technological advancements.

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Bold and Responsible Actions for the Future

The memo concludes with an invitation to act boldly and responsibly. Pichai stresses the significance of asking big questions and striving to improve as many lives as possible through technological progress.

The Search for Answers and Progress

Looking ahead to the next 25 years, Pichai envisions extraordinary technological progress driven by the quest for answers. The goal is to make AI so integrated into our lives that even teenagers in 2048 will simply shrug at its capabilities.

Conclusion: Google’s Vision for 2048

In closing, Pichai’s memo paints a vivid picture of Google’s aspiration for the future. If, in 2048, a teenager can shrug at the incredible AI-driven world, it will signify Google’s success, and the company will continue its relentless pursuit of innovation.

The Unexpected Importance of Lobsters

In a surprising revelation, Pichai mentions the unexpected importance of lobsters to Google. The first company to use Google’s advertising platform was a “mail-order business selling lobsters.” This seemingly trivial start has since grown into a platform that contributes significantly to Google’s revenues.


  1. What is the significance of Google’s 25th anniversary celebration? Google’s 25th anniversary marks a milestone in its journey, and the celebration signifies its commitment to continued innovation.
  2. Why does Sundar Pichai want technology to become ordinary? Pichai believes that when technology becomes ordinary, it has successfully integrated into people’s lives, making it more accessible and beneficial.
  3. What role does artificial intelligence play in Google’s future? Google is heavily invested in AI, aiming to make it an integral part of our daily lives, enhancing our experiences.
  4. How does Google view criticism and skepticism surrounding AI? Google acknowledges the concerns but remains hopeful that AI will eventually be embraced as a part of daily life.
  5. Why did Sundar Pichai mention lobsters in his memo? The first company to use Google’s advertising platform was a lobster-selling mail-order business, showcasing Google’s humble beginnings.