Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on Launching Threads: A High-Risk Bet


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on Launching Threads: A High-Risk Bet

Taking a Risk: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri Launches Threads as a Standalone App

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri’s decision to launch Threads as a standalone app has caused a significant stir within the company and the social media landscape. Threads, a new platform aimed at competing with Twitter, presents both challenges and opportunities for Instagram. In an interview with The Verge, Mosseri admitted that the decision to create a separate app was “hugely contentious” and a “high-risk” bet.

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The Controversial Debate

Internally, Instagram’s decision-makers faced a heated debate over the best approach to design Threads. They explored two options: integrating Threads into the main platform’s feed or creating a separate tab within the app. Ultimately, they chose to develop Threads as a standalone app, a decision that generated considerable disagreement among the team.

The Post and Comment Model

One of the primary reasons behind the decision to create Threads as a separate app is the fundamental nature of Instagram’s “post and comment model.” Mosseri acknowledged that this model lacks the capacity to support public discourse, a feature that Twitter excels at. Threads aims to address this limitation by providing a platform that fosters open conversations.

Challenges and Potential Roadblocks

While creating a separate app allows for more robust public discussions, it also poses challenges for attracting new users. Mosseri recognizes the difficulty of building a user base from scratch, stating, “A separate app is way less likely to succeed because you have to bootstrap a user base from very little, or from nothing.” However, if Threads does succeed, the potential upside is significant.

The Upside of Threads

By developing Threads as a standalone app, Instagram ensures that the core functionality of the platform remains focused on photo-sharing. Threads offers users “more space” to engage in public discussions while preserving the essence of Instagram as a visual sharing product. This strategic move allows Instagram to explore new avenues while keeping its core user base satisfied.

Taking High-Risk Bets

Mosseri emphasized the importance of taking high-risk bets to drive the company’s evolution and innovation. While not every initiative will succeed, the introduction of projects like Threads allows Instagram to propel itself forward rapidly. By venturing into uncharted territory, the company positions itself for growth and continued relevance in the dynamic social media landscape.

Threads and the Twitter Exodus

The recent turmoil surrounding Twitter, particularly after Elon Musk’s takeover, has led to growing dissatisfaction among some users. Many are actively seeking alternative platforms to fulfill their social media needs. This presents an opportunity for Threads to capitalize on the shifting landscape and attract users who are looking for a fresh and stable platform.

Mosseri acknowledged the volatility and unpredictability on Twitter and highlighted the potential opening it creates for Threads. If Twitter’s stability becomes compromised or significant changes are made to the platform, it could drive users towards alternatives. Instagram, with its established reputation and user base, stands as a viable option for those seeking a reliable and engaging social media experience.

Initial Sign-ups and Future Success

Threads has already made promising progress in its early stages. Within hours of its launch, the app reportedly garnered an impressive 30 million sign-ups. This enthusiastic response indicates a strong initial interest in the platform. However, the true measure of success lies in the long-term viability and sustained growth of Threads.

Mosseri emphasized the importance of committing to the development of a separate app. If Instagram is to build Threads successfully, it must be prepared to invest the necessary time and resources. Launching a separate app for only a short period would be counterproductive. To gauge Threads’ true potential and effectiveness, the company needs to give it a genuine opportunity to thrive.


Adam Mosseri’s decision to launch Threads as a standalone app demonstrates Instagram’s willingness to take risks and explore new avenues. The internal debate surrounding Threads exemplifies the company’s dedication to innovation and evolution. By creating a platform that supports public discourse and engaging conversations, Instagram aims to meet the changing demands of its users while preserving its core as a photo-sharing platform.

Threads’ journey as a separate app will not be without challenges. Attracting new users and building a sustainable user base from scratch is an uphill battle. However, if Threads succeeds, the rewards will be substantial. With its focus on fostering open discussions and its potential to capitalize on the dissatisfaction with Twitter, Threads could emerge as a significant player in the social media landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will Threads replace the current Instagram app? No, Threads is not intended to replace the main Instagram app. It is a separate platform designed to provide users with a dedicated space for text updates and conversations.

2. Can Threads be used without an Instagram account? No, Threads requires users to have an existing Instagram account. It is built to complement the Instagram experience by offering additional features and functionality.

3. How is Threads different from Twitter? While both Threads and Twitter are social media platforms, they have distinct focuses. Threads prioritizes visual sharing and fosters public discussions within its dedicated space, whereas Twitter is primarily text-based and allows for more extensive public discourse.

4. Will Threads integrate with other social media platforms? Currently, Threads is designed as a standalone app exclusive to Instagram. There are no plans for direct integration with other social media platforms at this time.

5. What measures are in place to ensure user privacy on Threads? Threads follows Instagram’s privacy policies and settings. Users have control over their privacy preferences, and the app provides options to customize who can see their updates and engage in conversations.


  • comment-avatar
    Malcolm 5 months ago

    I disagree. Going with its own app will help Threads succeed. And Threads is not starting from scratch. Let’s be serious here. It’s not like it was made by 2 guys in their garage. Most people know this is backed by Instagram so they are not starting from scratch at all.

    • comment-avatar
      Jerry 5 months ago

      That’s what I was thinking. How can he say Thread is starting from 0.

  • comment-avatar
    Mitchell 5 months ago

    No pain, no gain. And if you don’t risk it with great projects how can you grow? Instagram needed this and it’s shaping up to be a huge win with over 70 million users already in just a few days.

  • comment-avatar
    Roberta 5 months ago

    People are looking for a Twitter replacement and Threads could be it. If they continue to WOW people, they will hook them and get long term users.

  • comment-avatar

    If Threads was not a standalone app it wouldn’t be as successful now and in the future. It needs to walk on its own.