Mind-Blowing: How VERSES AI Nailed the EU Drone Challenge!


Mind-Blowing: How VERSES AI Nailed the EU Drone Challenge!

VERSES AI Revolutionizes European Drone Landscape with Successful Completion of FF2020 Project

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In a groundbreaking stride towards revolutionizing the way we envision and utilize autonomous drones, VERSES AI Inc. has achieved an extraordinary milestone. Through its ambitious endeavor known as Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020), VERSES has successfully demonstrated the immense potential and viability of autonomous drones in a real-world setting. This pivotal project, funded by the European Union, serves as a testament to the convergence of cutting-edge technology, innovative governance, and collaborative partnership.

FF2020: Pioneering the Vision of Autonomous Drones

The Scope and Partners

Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of 12 global partners working in unison. The project’s primary focus has been to create a robust Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem, facilitating the seamless integration of autonomous drone missions. With the support of European Union funding, FF2020 has not only emphasized technological advancement but has also pioneered a comprehensive governance model, a regulatory framework, and an interoperability foundation.

The Foundation of Governance

At the heart of FF2020 lies the endeavor to establish a pioneering governance model for autonomous drones. By defining a clear regulatory framework, FF2020 sets the stage for diverse applications, including emergency response, surveillance, last-mile delivery, and taxi drones. These applications collectively represent not only enhanced efficiency and effectiveness but also contribute to a projected USD $1.2 trillion commercial drone market by 2030, according to Straits Research.

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VERSES’ Innovative Role

The KOSM Platform in Action

VERSES’ platform, known as KOSM, has played a pivotal role in the success of FF2020. Deployed in Oulu, Finland, KOSM has demonstrated its capacity to map navigation routes and landing zones in urban areas, relying on 5G/6G signal strength. This innovative approach ensures the optimal functioning of autonomous drones by creating precise and data-driven navigation paths.

Shaping Preventative Maintenance in Tartu

Tartu, Estonia, became a testbed for KOSM’s implementation in preventative maintenance. The platform’s automated monitoring of solar panels showcases its potential for predictive analytics and proactive maintenance of critical infrastructure, underlining the versatility and adaptability of autonomous systems.

A Radical Approach to Autonomy

Guido Maria Magliano’s Insights

Guido Maria Magliano, Director of Operations at VERSES AI, emphasizes the project’s significance in unlocking the latent value of autonomous systems. He highlights the pivotal role that interoperability, governance, and coordination play in realizing the EU’s vision of a safer world powered by AI-driven vehicles.

Unlocking Latent Value

The FF2020 consortium’s groundbreaking work goes beyond technological achievements. It underscores the necessity of embracing radical approaches to autonomy, ensuring the synergy of public and private stakeholders. This approach not only makes autonomous systems feasible but also indispensable in modern society.

The Significance of FF2020 Consortium

Defining Key Deliverables

The FF2020 consortium’s efforts have resulted in the definition of crucial deliverables. These include a governance model, a regulatory framework, a geospatial digital infrastructure, a Digital Toolbox, an Identity of Things (IDoT) scheme, and interoperability frameworks. These elements collectively provide the foundation for various unmanned drone use cases, which hold immense commercial value.

The Commercial Drone Market Projections

As the FF2020 project stands as a testament to the potential of autonomous systems, Straits Research’s projection of a USD $1.2 trillion commercial drone market by 2030 echoes the increasing significance and demand for these innovative technologies.

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VERSES’ Thrilling Success and Beyond

The Path to Legally Compliant Commercialization

The successful conclusion of FF2020 brings forth exciting prospects for VERSES and the broader industry. Gabriel René, Founder and CEO of VERSES, expresses enthusiasm regarding the program’s validation of VERSES’ technology. This achievement opens doors not only for autonomous drones but also for a wide range of AI-powered systems, promoting innovation and compliance.

Gabriel René’s Vision

Gabriel René’s vision extends beyond FF2020. His belief in the power of autonomy, intelligent collaboration between humans, machines, and AI, and the transformation of data into knowledge models underscores the potential for a smarter world driven by nature-inspired innovation.

VERSES’ Contributions to Global AI Governance

VERSES’ commitment to advancing AI extends beyond technology. The collaboration with DENTONS, the world’s largest law firm, to produce “The Future of Global AI Governance” demonstrates the company’s dedication to guiding governments in effectively governing artificial intelligence. This collaboration stands as a testament to VERSES’ role as a thought leader in the realm of AI ethics and governance.

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VERSES AI Inc. stands at the forefront of cognitive computing, harnessing the power of next-generation Artificial Intelligence. Anchored in the principles of human experience and nature-inspired design, VERSES offers GIA™, an Intelligent Assistant powered by KOSM™, a revolutionary network operating system. By transforming disparate data into knowledge models, KOSM fosters collaboration between humans, AI, and machines, seamlessly bridging digital and physical domains.

About Flying Forward 2020

Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) stands as an EU-funded, three-year research and innovation initiative. With a focus on creating an advanced Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem for autonomous drone missions, FF2020 has defined governance models, regulatory frameworks, and interoperability structures. This initiative reflects the commitment of European partners to shape the future of autonomous systems.


VERSES’ successful completion of the EU-funded Flying Forward 2020 project marks a momentous achievement in the journey toward widespread integration of autonomous drones. This three-year initiative has not only showcased the immense potential of autonomous systems but also demonstrated the importance of collaborative governance, technological innovation, and visionary leadership. As VERSES continues to pave the way for safer, smarter, and more efficient AI-powered systems, the impact of its accomplishments reaches far beyond the confines of the FF2020 program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is FF2020, and what was its objective? A: Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) was a three-year project funded by the European Union to explore the viability of autonomous drones across European cities and establish essential digital infrastructure for their governance.

Q2: How did VERSES contribute to FF2020? A: VERSES deployed its KOSM platform to map navigation routes, landing zones, and other essential functions of autonomous drones in urban areas. It also facilitated preventative maintenance through automated monitoring.

Q3: What role does governance play in FF2020’s success? A: FF2020 emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive governance model and regulatory framework to ensure safe and efficient integration of autonomous drones into various applications.

Q4: What is the significance of the collaboration between VERSES and DENTONS? A: The collaboration underscores VERSES’ commitment to responsible AI governance, as demonstrated in the joint publication “The Future of Global AI Governance.”

Q5: What impact does FF2020 have on the future of AI-driven systems? A: FF2020’s success is a stepping stone toward legally compliant commercialization of various autonomous systems, including drones and vehicles, fostering innovation and efficiency.