Strathmore Plus Uranium Corp Plans 100-Hole Drill Program


Strathmore Plus Uranium Corp Plans 100-Hole Drill Program

SUU's Partnership with University of Wyoming Highlights Dedication to Innovation

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Strathmore Plus Uranium Corporation (SUU) is making exciting strides in advancing the exploration and development of the Agate property in Wyoming, with plans to conduct a 100-hole drill program and geophysical research this summer.

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SUU’s collaboration with the University of Wyoming’s Near-Surface Geophysical Center and Dr. Brad Carr, the center’s director, highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and research. By digitizing historical data with the help of Neuralog software and applying newly developed geophysical theories and methods, SUU hopes to gain a better understanding of the uranium mineralization at the Agate property and identify specific drilling targets.

Furthermore, SUU’s partnership with the university will also contribute to advancing Wyoming’s uranium industry, as Dr. Carr recently received a grant to conduct research in the area. The company’s willingness to collaborate and share data demonstrates their dedication to not only their own exploration efforts but also the broader advancement of the industry.

SUU’s Agate project has immense potential, having been previously explored by Kerr-McGee Corp., the largest producer of uranium in the United States in the 1970s. With over 650 drill sites and 330 geophysical logs available for analysis, SUU has a significant advantage in identifying specific targets and extending mineralization into previously unexplored areas.

Overall, SUU’s plans for the Agate property represent an exciting opportunity for the company and the broader uranium industry. With their commitment to research, collaboration, and innovation, SUU is well-positioned to lead the way in advancing uranium exploration and development in the United States.