Amazon’s Jassy says AI will be a ‘big deal’ for company


Amazon’s Jassy says AI will be a ‘big deal’ for company

How Amazon Plans to Thrive Despite Turbulent Times: Insights from CEO Andy Jassy's Annual Shareholder Letter

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In his annual shareholder letter, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy expressed confidence in the company’s ability to control costs while continuing to invest heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) tools that have gained popularity in recent months. Jassy described 2022 as one of the harder macroeconomic years in recent memory and detailed the steps Amazon had taken to trim costs. Despite the cuts and “turbulent” times, Jassy said he strongly believes Amazon’s “best days are in front of us.”


Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, has been facing a lot of challenges in recent times. The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has been very vocal about the challenges the company is facing and the steps it is taking to address them. In his annual shareholder letter, Jassy spoke about the company’s spending on AI tools and the steps it is taking to control costs. In this article, we will discuss Jassy’s comments and what they mean for Amazon.

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Amazon’s Cost-Cutting Measures

Jassy described 2022 as one of the harder macroeconomic years in recent memory and detailed the steps Amazon had taken to trim costs. The company had shuttered its health care initiative Amazon Care and some stores across the country. It had also slashed 27,000 corporate roles since the fall, marking the biggest rounds of layoffs in its history. Jassy wrote, “There are a number of other changes that we’ve made over the last several months to streamline our overall costs, and like most leadership teams, we’ll continue to evaluate what we’re seeing in our business and proceed adaptively.”

Challenges for Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s profitable cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services, also faces “short-term headwinds right now,” despite growing 29% year-over-year in 2022 on a $62 billion revenue base, Jassy wrote. He noted challenges for the unit stem from companies spending more cautiously in the face of challenging current macroeconomic conditions. Despite the challenges, Jassy expressed confidence in Amazon’s ability to weather the storm.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Despite the challenges Amazon is facing, Jassy said the company would continue to invest in specialized chips most used for machine learning, its advertising business, as well as generative AI tools. The tools are part of a new generation of machine-learning systems that can converse, generate readable text on demand and produce novel images and video based on what they’ve learned from a vast database of digital books and online text.

“Let’s just say that LLMs and Generative AI are going to be a big deal for customers, our shareholders, and Amazon,” Jassy wrote, using the abbreviated version of Large Language Models, or AI that can mimic human writing styles based on data they’ve ingested. This statement is significant because it shows that Amazon is betting big on AI as a key driver of future growth.

New AI Services for Developers

On Thursday, Amazon also announced several new services that will allow developers to build their own AI tools on its cloud infrastructure. This move is significant because it shows that Amazon is not only investing in AI for its own use but is also looking to become a major player in the AI market by providing tools for other companies to use.


In conclusion, Amazon is facing significant challenges, but Jassy is confident that the company will overcome them. Amazon is cutting costs and investing heavily in AI tools, which Jassy believes will be a major driver of future growth. With the announcement of new AI services for developers, Amazon is positioning itself to become a major player in the AI market.


  • comment-avatar
    Francis 8 months ago

    Amazon Web Services is doing pretty well now and I think they will take care of any problems they are having. Investing in AI is surely the way to go and Amazon can get a LOT out of AI, things that will speed things up in their whole business.

  • comment-avatar
    Gerard 8 months ago

    Amazon needs to be one of the largest investors in AI since they are a very large company that is growing each year. They need the advancements AI can bring, they need to stay on top of their game and this means knowing how to use what AI is offering.