LithiumBank’s Milestone: Direct Lithium Extraction Pilot Plant


LithiumBank’s Milestone: Direct Lithium Extraction Pilot Plant

Revolutionizing Lithium Extraction: LithiumBank's Game-Changing Pilot Plant

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LithiumBank Resources Corp. is on the verge of a groundbreaking development in the lithium extraction industry. The company’s continuous Direct Lithium Extraction (cDLETM) pilot plant, licensed from G2L Greenview Resources Inc., is set to redefine lithium extraction processes. This article delves into the details of this exciting venture.

The Partnership with G2L

LithiumBank’s exclusive licensing agreement with G2L, a joint venture between Computational Geosciences Inc. (CGI) and Clean TeQ Water, was announced on September 11, 2023. This partnership promises to bring innovative solutions to the lithium extraction field.

Plant Modifications and Improvements

The pilot plant is currently undergoing essential modifications at Clean TeQ Water’s facility in Melbourne, Australia. These modifications include the installation of high-efficiency pumps, upgrades for handling high-temperature brines, and various mechanical and electrical enhancements. The expected completion date for these modifications is November 2023.

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Testing Lithium Extraction Technology

Once the modifications are finished, the pilot plant will be packed into shipping containers and transported to LithiumBank’s facilities in Calgary, AB, Canada. The pilot plant is designed to test G2L’s Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology at reservoir temperatures, processing up to 10,000 liters per day. This crucial step will provide valuable insights for LithiumBank’s lithium development projects.

Optimizing Project Flow Sheet

LithiumBank, in collaboration with G2L, has been diligently working on optimizing the project flow sheet. Initial testing has identified several process parameters that can be enhanced through the incorporation of Licensed Technology. These improvements include resin loading capacity, impurity rejection, eluate concentration, reagent consumption, and more. The pilot testing aims to quantify the positive impact of these enhancements on the project’s economics.

CEO’s Optimism

Rob Shewchuk, CEO of LithiumBank Resources Corp., expressed optimism about the project’s progress. He highlighted that this pilot plant is poised to become the largest ever commissioned for testing unconventional direct brine lithium assets in Western Canada. Success in testing will demonstrate the commercial viability and scalability of LithiumBank’s unique combination of resources, processes, and designs.

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About LithiumBank Resources Corp.

LithiumBank Resources Corp. is a publicly traded lithium company focused on developing its flagship projects, Boardwalk and Park Place, in Western Canada. With significant acreage of brown-field lithium brine permits across Alberta and Saskatchewan, the company is committed to de-risking its assets through geological modeling and advanced engineering.

About G2L Greenview Resources Inc.

G2L Greenview Resources Inc. is a joint venture between Computational Geosciences Inc. (CGI), a subsidiary of Ivanhoe Electric Inc., and Clean TeQ Water. This partnership is at the forefront of water treatment and metal extraction technologies.


LithiumBank’s progress in developing its cDLETM pilot plant represents a pivotal moment in the lithium extraction industry. The partnership with G2L, plant modifications, and ongoing testing all contribute to the company’s ambitious goals. As LithiumBank moves forward, it brings with it the promise of innovation and advancements in the lithium sector.


1. When will the pilot plant testing commence?

  • The pilot testing is expected to commence in Q1 2024 after the plant has been reassembled at the company’s facility.

2. What are the key objectives of the pilot testing?

  • The pilot testing aims to evaluate the performance of G2L’s Direct Lithium Extraction technology, focusing on factors such as lithium recovery, selectivity, flow rate, and concentrate quality.

3. How will the pilot plant impact LithiumBank’s development projects?

  • Successful testing will significantly de-risk the commercial design of LithiumBank’s lithium development properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

4. What modifications are being made to the pilot plant?

  • Modifications include the installation of high-efficiency pumps, upgrades for high-temperature brine handling, and various mechanical and electrical enhancements.

5. Who is leading the partnership with G2L?

  • LithiumBank Resources Corp. is the primary partner in the licensing agreement with G2L Greenview Resources Inc.

For more information and updates on LithiumBank’s pilot plant and projects, visit LithiumBank’s website.