Is Carlyle Commodities Corp. the Next Big Player in the Gold Market Resurgence?

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Is Carlyle Commodities Corp. the Next Big Player in the Gold Market Resurgence?

Discover Carlyle's Valuable Asset and Its Potential for Growth

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Carlyle Commodities Corp. ($CCC, $BJ4, $DLRYF) is a junior gold explorer that has been gaining attention as a strong contender in the gold market resurgence. Gold has long been a safe haven for investors during times of economic uncertainty, and despite the US Federal Reserve continuing its policy of interest rate hikes to combat inflation, Carlyle Commodities Corp. remains optimistic about the future of gold.

Carlyle’s Newton Project: A Valuable Asset in the Heart of British Columbia

Carlyle’s valuable asset is its Newton project, located in the heart of British Columbia. This gold project boasts an existing gold resource and is surrounded by supportive infrastructure, providing an easier-to-explore alternative to the Golden Triangle. The Newton project’s gold and silver resources have the potential to grow to 2-3+ million ounces over the coming 12-24 months, according to Carlyle’s recent drill program.

Carlyle acquired the Newton project from Amarc Resources during a down period for gold. Amarc’s focus had been on developing copper-gold porphyry deposits, which made the Newton project a lower priority. However, Carlyle saw the substantial upside potential and acquired the project.

Newton vs. Blackwater: The Upside for Carlyle Commodities Corp

What makes the Newton project even more exciting is its proximity to the Blackwater project, owned by Artemis Gold. Blackwater is located 180 kilometers to the north of Newton and boasts 12 million ounces of gold. Newton and Blackwater have many similarities, making the upside for Newton even greater.

Carlyle’s recent drill program, which consisted of a 2,000+ meter Phase I drill program, has shown that Newton’s resource has the potential to extend at depth. Additionally, there is still 90% of the land package that remains unexplored, including large epithermal bodies that have yet to be explored. This presents a significant opportunity for Carlyle to expand its resource base and increase its value.

The Potential for Gold to Rebound and Carlyle Commodities Corp Optimism

The potential for gold to rebound is also a significant factor in Carlyle’s optimism. Despite the US Federal Reserve’s policy of interest rate hikes, economic uncertainty remains, which has historically driven investors to seek out safe-haven assets such as gold. This presents a significant opportunity for Carlyle to capitalize on the demand for gold and increase its value.

In conclusion, Carlyle Commodities Corp. is a strong contender in the gold market resurgence. Its valuable Newton project, surrounded by supportive infrastructure and with significant upside potential, makes it an attractive investment opportunity for investors. Additionally, the potential for gold to rebound presents an opportunity for Carlyle to capitalize on the demand for safe-haven assets and increase its value.


  • comment-avatar
    Arthur Jordan 9 months ago

    I’m glad you are talking about this company. I first heard about them reading one of your articles and I’ve since invested in them. Not much but it all adds up and I like to diversify my investments. I didn’t have any stocks in this particular industry and CC Corp. looks like they will have a very good return on investment.

  • comment-avatar
    Clyde 9 months ago

    I think Carlyle made a good investment acquiring the Newton project from Amarc. Didn’t know they already made a 2000+ meter hole. I had heard about a 1000 meter one and I thought that was very impressive. Definitely a company to watch out for in the upcoming months. It feels like a good bet would be to invest in both Carlyle and Artemis Gold.