Discord to Roll Out AI-Powered Chatbot and Messaging Features


Discord to Roll Out AI-Powered Chatbot and Messaging Features

How Discord's AI-powered chatbot and messaging features can enhance user experience

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As part of its efforts to stay ahead of the competition and meet users’ ever-changing needs, San Francisco-based chat app Discord has announced its plans to launch a range of artificial intelligence-powered features, including a chatbot and messaging tools. The company’s latest move is part of a growing trend in the tech industry to create generative AI tools that can produce text, images, or videos based on a prompt.

In this article, we’ll explore the different AI-powered features that Discord plans to introduce, how they work, and their potential impact on the platform and its users.

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What Is Generative AI?

Generative AI is an emerging technology that has captured the attention of tech companies around the world. It involves training computer models to generate new and original content based on a given input. This input could be anything from a piece of text to an image, and the output could be a new text or image that has never existed before.

Discord AI-Powered Chatbot

Discord’s new chatbot will be powered by OpenAI technology and is set to replace an existing bot called Clyde. Users can summon the AI-powered bot to answer trivia questions, schedule meetings, or recommend playlists. The new chatbot is expected to be more sophisticated than Clyde and will be able to generate more personalized responses based on users’ queries.

Messaging Features for Discord

In addition to the new chatbot, Discord is also set to introduce several messaging features powered by AI. One such feature will allow users to “remix” their friends’ avatars using generative image models. For instance, the feature could place a crown on a person’s head in their profile image to celebrate their birthday.

Another messaging feature will allow users who have been away from Discord for a while to catch up on conversations they missed. Using an AI-powered tool, the platform will summarize the conversation and allow users to jump back to parts of the message thread that are relevant to them.

Content Moderation Tool

Discord also plans to experiment with OpenAI technology to improve an existing content moderation tool that helps automatically block harmful or unwanted messages from a Discord chat. The new tool will flag messages to moderators and also understand the context of the conversation, making it more effective in identifying and blocking harmful content.

Potential Impact on Discord Users

Discord’s new AI-powered features are expected to make the platform more engaging and user-friendly. The chatbot and messaging features will help users communicate more effectively, while the content moderation tool will improve the safety and security of the platform.

However, there are also concerns that the use of AI on the platform could lead to unintended consequences. For example, there is a risk that the chatbot or messaging features could generate inappropriate or offensive content. Discord will need to ensure that its AI models are well-trained and closely monitored to minimize this risk.


Discord’s new AI-powered chatbot and messaging features are an exciting development for the platform and its users. The company’s move towards generative AI is part of a wider trend in the tech industry to create tools that can generate original content. While there are concerns about the potential risks of using AI on the platform, Discord has assured users that its models will be closely monitored and well-trained to minimize these risks.