AI Training by Google: Free in the UK


AI Training by Google: Free in the UK

Unleash the Power of AI: Google's Free UK Training Courses

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If you’ve been curious about the world of AI and its potential to revolutionize various industries, Google has some exciting news for you. To help individuals and businesses tap into the power of AI, Google is launching a series of free training courses in the UK. These courses are specifically designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI effectively in their work environments.

The Need for AI Training

In recent years, the rise of AI chatbots and generative AI tools has been nothing short of revolutionary. However, many people still feel unsure about how to harness the full potential of AI in their daily lives. Whether you’re a professional seeking to streamline your workflow or a business owner looking to enhance productivity, these training courses can be a game-changer.

According to alarming reports, a significant number of Brits lack essential digital skills, leading to substantial financial losses for employers amounting to over £5 billion. Addressing this skills gap has become imperative, and Google’s AI training initiative aims to bridge that gap effectively.

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Google’s Free AI Training Courses

Google’s training courses are an opportunity for individuals and business owners to gain in-depth knowledge of AI applications. Currently, two sessions are open for registration, and eight more modules will be introduced shortly. The courses focus on the inner workings of AI and how it can significantly save time in a professional setting.

Course Overview

The training courses cover a wide range of AI-related topics, empowering participants with insights into cutting-edge AI technologies. From understanding the basics to exploring advanced AI applications, Google aims to cater to diverse learning needs.

Modules and Topics

The modules offered in the training program include the following:

  1. Introduction to AI: An overview of AI concepts and its impact on various industries.
  2. AI Tools for Productivity: Learning how AI can streamline administrative tasks and boost productivity.
  3. Brainstorming with AI: Unleashing the power of AI to generate creative ideas and solutions.
  4. AI-powered Writing Features: An exploration of AI-based writing tools in Workspace software.
  5. Applying AI in the Workplace: Strategies for integrating AI systems into daily work routines.
  6. Investing in AI: Understanding the potential return on investment with AI adoption.
  7. Data Preparation for Machine Learning: Best practices for preparing data for machine learning projects.

Google’s experts will present these modules during live sessions, which will also include interactive Q&A sessions for participants to clarify their doubts.

Google’s Interest in Educating the Nation

Google’s commitment to providing free AI training stems from its own advancements in AI technologies. With competition from OpenAI, Microsoft, and Meta in the AI space, Google is eager to empower individuals and businesses with the skills needed to make the most of their AI offerings.

Among Google’s recent endeavors is the introduction of an AI chatbot, a tool that has garnered significant attention. Additionally, Google plans to incorporate AI-powered writing features into its free Workspace software, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of AI-driven text generation in applications like Docs and Gmail.

Boosting Productivity with AI

The core focus of one of the training sessions is to boost productivity with AI, and participants can expect to learn various ways AI can save time and enhance efficiency.

Saving Time with AI Tools

AI tools are designed to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for users. Participants will discover various AI-driven tools that can automate mundane and time-consuming activities, thereby enabling them to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Reducing Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks can be a significant drain on productivity, but AI solutions can help streamline these processes. Participants will learn how to leverage AI to automate administrative workflows and gain back precious time.

Brainstorming New Ideas

AI’s ability to generate ideas and suggestions can be invaluable for creative professionals. Participants will explore how AI-powered brainstorming can lead to fresh insights and innovative solutions.

AI-Powered Writing Features

Google’s AI-powered writing features, integrated into Workspace software, will also be covered. Participants will discover how AI can assist in writing tasks, making document creation and email communication more efficient.

Applying AI in the Workplace

In addition to boosting productivity, the training courses will emphasize the practical application of AI in professional settings.

Investing in AI

Making informed decisions regarding AI adoption is crucial for businesses. Participants will learn how to assess the potential benefits of AI implementation and determine if investing in AI is the right choice for their organizations.

Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Preparing data is a fundamental step in any machine learning project. The training will provide valuable insights into data preparation best practices, ensuring that AI projects have a solid foundation.

The Live Training Sessions

The training courses will be presented live over YouTube, starting from mid-August and running until early October. This format allows attendees to interact with Google’s experts during the sessions, providing an excellent opportunity to seek clarifications and gain deeper insights.

Google’s Timely Training Initiative

Google’s launch of the AI training courses comes at a critical time, considering the recent slowdown in AI chatbot usage. The ChatGPT website, which saw meteoric growth since its inception in December, experienced an estimated 10 percent drop in global traffic between May and June. The reasons behind this dip are not entirely clear, but Google’s training initiative may help rekindle interest in AI chatbots.


In conclusion, Google’s free AI training courses offer an exceptional chance for individuals and businesses to understand and embrace the power of AI. With sessions covering various aspects of AI, from productivity enhancement to practical applications, participants can expect to gain valuable knowledge. Embracing AI technologies can lead to increased efficiency, creative problem-solving, and improved decision-making, making these courses a must-attend for those keen on staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


  1. How much does the training cost? The training courses offered by Google are entirely free of charge. Participants can register and attend the sessions without any cost.
  2. Can businesses also benefit from the training? Yes, these training courses are designed to benefit both individuals and business owners. Businesses can gain insights into leveraging AI for enhanced productivity and decision-making.
  3. Is the training suitable for beginners? Absolutely! Google’s AI training courses cater to participants with varying levels of AI knowledge, making them suitable for beginners and experienced professionals alike.
  4. What if I miss the live training sessions? If you miss a live session, don’t worry. By registering for an event, you can access the recorded session on-demand after it has concluded.
  5. Will there be more advanced AI courses in the future? While Google’s current training focuses on introductory and intermediate AI concepts, they may consider offering more advanced courses in the future. Stay tuned for updates!


  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 4 months ago

    Google has found a smart way to make this a win-win. They help people learn about AI for free and at the same time, lots of people will get used to tools from Google. Chances are they will continue using these Google tools for years to come.

    • comment-avatar
      Oliver 4 months ago

      Yes, Google’s plan will make a lot of sense long term. There surely are a lot of people that don’t know how to use a computer, not to mention understand how AI works. These people can learn from Google and once they do, some of them will become Google clients for life.

  • comment-avatar
    Clyde 4 months ago

    AI is here to stay and it will affect all of our lives. It’s best to learn how to use it so it makes our lives easier and better. If we avoid it hoping it will go away, we will just be left behind.