Meta’s Abraham Lincoln AI Chatbot


Meta’s Abraham Lincoln AI Chatbot

Unveiling Meta's Revolutionary AI Chatbot: Abraham Lincoln's Persona

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In a surprising revelation, it has been reported that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is working on a groundbreaking project to develop an AI chatbot with the personality of Abraham Lincoln. This new AI bot is part of Meta’s efforts to enhance user engagement on its social media platforms, adding a unique and human-like touch to interactions. But that’s not all; Meta is exploring other chatbot personas as well, each tailored to serve a specific purpose. Let’s delve deeper into this exciting development and see how it could shape the future of social media interactions.

The Purpose of the AI Chatbot

The primary aim of this AI chatbot with Abraham Lincoln’s personality is to improve the user experience on Meta’s social media platforms. By infusing the bot with the persona of a historical figure, Meta seeks to create an engaging and interactive virtual companion for its users. The chatbot will serve as a new search function, capable of retrieving information and answering questions in a manner that reflects Lincoln’s wisdom and eloquence. Moreover, it will offer personalized recommendations, making interactions on the platform more enjoyable and insightful.

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Other Persona: Chatbot Advising on Travel Options

Beyond the AI chatbot based on Abraham Lincoln, Meta is exploring yet another fascinating persona—a chatbot designed to advise users on travel options in the style of a laid-back surfer. This persona aims to provide users with a relaxed and friendly conversation while assisting with travel-related inquiries. From suggesting the best vacation spots to recommending hidden gems, this surfer-inspired chatbot promises to bring a refreshing twist to travel planning.

Meta’s Focus on Retention and Advertising Revenue

Meta’s recent focus on retention comes in response to the challenges faced by its text-based app, Threads. After its launch, the app experienced a significant drop in user numbers. To counter this, Meta is actively working on enhancing user engagement and satisfaction to keep users hooked to its platform. On the financial front, Meta has reported robust advertising revenue growth, surpassing market expectations, which further fuels its ambitions in the AI domain.

Meta’s Recovery from Previous Challenges

Following a challenging period in 2022, Meta has been making strides in its recovery. The company’s resurgence can be attributed to multiple factors, including the buzz surrounding emerging AI technology and cost-cutting measures. Meta’s decision to shed approximately 21,000 employees since the previous fall demonstrates its commitment to optimizing operations and embracing new innovations.

Meta’s Llama 2 AI Model and Competitors

Meta’s foray into the AI landscape includes the introduction of Llama 2, an open-source AI model designed for commercial use. This model will be distributed by Microsoft through its Azure cloud service and will run on the Windows operating system. Meanwhile, competitors like Apple are not far behind, with reports suggesting that the tech giant is also developing AI offerings similar to Meta’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Apple has developed its framework called ‘Ajax’ for building large language models and is currently testing a chatbot referred to as ‘Apple GPT.’

Reports of ‘Chat with an AI’ Feature on Instagram

Rumors about Meta’s AI chatbots surfaced when app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi uncovered screenshots of a new tool on Instagram. The tool appeared to offer users the option to interact with up to 30 different AI chatbots, allowing them to ask questions and seek advice. This feature could potentially revolutionize how users engage with social media platforms and make interactions more dynamic and informative.

Planned Launch of the AI Chatbots

Meta plans to unveil its new AI chatbots, including the Abraham Lincoln-inspired persona and the surfer-style travel advisor, in September. As the company works towards the launch date, it typically refrains from commenting on unreleased products. While the world awaits the debut of these innovative chatbots, anticipation is building for how they will revolutionize user experiences on social media platforms.


The prospect of an AI chatbot with the personality of Abraham Lincoln is an exciting step forward in the world of artificial intelligence. Meta’s innovative approach to human-like personas for chatbots promises to revolutionize social media interactions and user engagement. As the company strives to recover from previous challenges and expand its AI technology, these new chatbots hold the potential to shape the future of online communication.


  • comment-avatar
    Riley 4 months ago

    I would go even further: how about an AI chatbot that can change between a few known personalities like Trump, Napoleon, Obama, Michael Jackson, etc? Maybe have 10 different ones at first and add more as time goes by? And the user can pick the one they like.

    • comment-avatar

      This sounds awesome and I’m sure they are working on something like this already. Or if they aren’t yet, someone will soon start.

  • comment-avatar
    Dustin 4 months ago

    This could be a major focus point for Meta, if they do it right. It could draw in a lot of new people who would otherwise not use Facebook.

  • comment-avatar

    Sounds interesting but it all depends on how they translate this into reality. I would personally love a Lincoln chatbot.

  • comment-avatar
    Charlie 4 months ago

    WOW! And this will be ready in September?! Can’t wait to see what they’ve been cooking. They can always improve on it. It’s important to get it out the door, in a functional state, as soon as possible.

  • comment-avatar
    Albert 4 months ago

    Meta is surely working on a lot of things recently, no? They’ve launched Threads with great success and it will probably do well in the long term. Now this Lincoln AI chatbot will probably bring more eyeballs to the platform and who knows what else is in the works?